Thursday, September 20, 2007

New member!

hey, better late than never, right? after making one of pricilla's dream socks and having it turn out way way way too big (unwearable, in fact), i have now moved on to the retro rib socks. i will post a picture of the huge dream sock at some soon as I can bear to look at it again. i made it with panda wool per her instructions and had no gauge problems, so i have no idea what happened. i'm leaning toward blaming my husband's foot, since the pattern is 100% based on the foot circumference measurement. maybe his foot is a larger circumference than what would normally correspond to the rest of his foot measurements?? i don't know, but even thinking of this sock failure still smarts a bit.

now, i am 75% finished with one retro rib sock using size 2.75 mm needles and Lorna's Laces. i'll post a pic when i am through. i should have used a slightly smaller needle size but i think it'll be OK b/c this ribbing contracts & stretches quite a bit. we shall see...

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AuntieAnn said...

Hi -- I always make socks using about 10% smaller circumference than the actual foot, to get a snug fit. I don't know why so few sock books discuss this, to me it seems critical.