Monday, July 30, 2007


It's been a long and hard road but I'm still knitting "Priscilla's Dream Socks".

I hope to complete them one of these days.
if you'd like to read more about it check out my blog.

Jewels for the Feet

It is so satisfying to see a pair of completed socks! I was especially pleased to see the close arrangement of the colors on each sock. I was meticulous with the arrangement of my fiber so I would spin 2 'as close as possible' matching skeins of yarn. Attention to details sometimes pays off.
Already have a store bought skein to start the next pair!
What fun to try and photograph your own feet......

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lace-Cuff Anklets for my girls

Hi everyone! I've finished 2 pairs of Lace-Cuff Anklets by Ann Budd for my little girls:
These were so fun and easy to knit and were my 6th and 7th pair of socks from this book. If you'd like to see more pictures or get more info, you can find it on my blog. Thanks! Tiennie

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally something to report!

Finished these up today and LOVE EM!!


Embossed Leaves Socks, of course.

yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight in Lemongrass

needles: 29" Inox greys 3.25mm to cast on, 2.75 for the rest until the toe which I did in 2.5mm

mods: I wanted something that reflected the twisted rib and I had just finished Pomatomus so I replaced the heel with that one. I really love it. Also, and not on purpose, I left out 1/2 of a repeat before the heel, but I'm ok with that.

LOVE THEM!!! It is really a quick knitand so satisfying! If you are one of the last people on Earth not to knit this (I thought I was), I really recommend it! You get to the point that you don't even look at the chart anymore because it just makes sense!



Friday, July 27, 2007

Still Waiting....

Hi, I'm from Australia and it is really really frustrating. I ordered my FSock book on the 6th July and it still hasn't arrived, I'm so dying to start one of these socks. The local postman said that a lot of people are waiting for books from USA, they are really held up at the moment. So hopefully next week.....


New to blogging ...

Hi! blogging is another "first" for me ... but then, so was sock knitting a few years ago. To tell the truth: the Favorite Socks book arrived 3 months ago and I have been too busy knitting socks to try blogging until now! First I knit three pair of Meida's Socks in Brown Sheep Cotton Fine for three of my daughters and then knit another pair, with a longer leg, in Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn for myself. The stitch definition was outstanding with the Cotton Fine, which knit up beautifully. The socks fit snugly at the ankle, so gauge does matter. Next I knit the Merino Lace socks in shades of blue Sockotta for summer wear. During our family vacation I worked on the Waving Lace Socks in gold, red, orange, green and tan Sockotta. A modification of the pattern gave the appearance that a straightened version of the leg pattern continued down the heel. I am now knitting the Anniversary Socks in Knit Picks Gloss (70% Merino Wool/30% Silk) on Inox #0 dpns and 75 sts. (gauge: 10 sts/10 rows = 1") in Burgundy. It is said that actions speak louder than words: so the fact that I have been busy knitting socks from this book for 3 months and not talking about it says it all.

Hello Sock Knitters

I just joined this KAL.

I am looking thru the book trying to decide which sock to cast on next. I will be using the yarn in the picture to match my husband's 56 Chev.

It is Cascade Fixation. I used it before knitting some baby socks. I like it, especially for summer since it is cotton. I found some wool in the right colors, but cotton seems better in warmer weather.

I am leaning towards doing the resoleable socks, coz I want to do the whole bottom of the sock the aqua color and the top white (like the car).

Check out my blog. I look forward to knitting along with all of you!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Empty Nest/Full Heart

Here is the progress I have made while on the road today as we helped move our youngest son out to share an apt with his older brother!
I am not padding the sole of the sock as the wool is 'padded' enough on its own! My 'sock weight spinning' is still not as thin as I will eventually achieve with practice but I have made several pairs of socks with my own handspun and I like the springiness of the superwash wool. I use size US2 (2.50mm) circular needles from KnitPicks . I cast on 58 stitches like the pattern instructs; 29 on each side of the magic loop method.
These socks are for my daughter, and since her feet are long and narrow, the ribbing on the sides of the lace panel will help the socks to hug her foot and not wrinkle and sag! ( The length will give me an excellent opportunity to continue this lovely repeat of lace! :')

I even remembered to note all the changes I made to the pattern so I can't wait to start on the second one since this one has been so fun to develop!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've Joined!

It is wonderful to find a place to share my creative passion. Here is the beginning of my favorite sock, Padded Footlet, that will be a full sock, the instep lace pattern goes around the leg and will continue down the instep as designed. Oh, it is good to make changes and have them work out-very satisfying! I dyed the superwash and spun it-my first attempt at dyeing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anniversary Socks Finished!

I made them a little shorter than the pattern called for, and used a different toe, but they are still basically the same socks. They came out pretty well. The yarn is Fearless Fibers Superwash Sock yarn in the Infatuation colorway.

Cable Rib Socks

Cable Rib SocksWell I casted these on last night and had a great time getting started. Here they are today after a few hours work. This pattern really knits quickly and doesn't have a lot of intricate bits to get me, the beginner sock knitter, confused or cause me problems. The cables go well and quickly and I love how this colorway is knitting up as well. It looks like there are three different combinations going on there. I also really like the pooling green. Too bad I don't get to keep these puppies! I need to finish these by the 8th, so let's get busy. More later.

I'm doing a Jig!

Loving these socks! I cast on a couple of nights ago, using some LL Shepherd Sock, in the Uptown colorway, and it's working up nicely. What a fun color! It's making for an interesting sock too.....1/2 of the sock looks mostly blue, and the other 1/2 looks mostly purple. Such an easy pattern too...I don't have to read and follow every line. I do have a larger foot than this pattern is written for (size 8 1/2-9), so I cast on 70 stitches, instead of 60. Can't wait to see the finished sock ;-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Uptown Boot Socks

This is my third pair of socks, 1st from the book. Done in Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Solid, Nantucket Red. Hmmm. I wonder why Nantucket Red is kind of brown/orange: still a nice colour, but red?!

I thought maybe there might be others out there with small feet (size 35 in European) who'd like to know my modification of size: it says to cast on 64 for child's size (the woman's size was going to be huge), but I figured that was going to be too big, so I used 2.5 mm needles: 2 circulars and cast on 52 stitches divided 24 and 28. In the last round of ribbing I increased 4 stitches and adjusted stitches so that I had 24 on one needle (for the heel and sole) and 32 on the other (the stitch pattern is in repeat of 8). I kept to this until I was doing the toe at which point I evened up the needles to 28 st on each.

These fit me perfectly.

Thanks to cameraman extraordinaire Simon.

Right now I am working on my second pair of socks from this book, so, more soon!

Meu querido diário - new generation

Meu querido diário - new generation

testing blogthis!!!!!

The Caffeinated Librarian

The Caffeinated Librarian

I like this one.
Hi I joined last week and wanted to show my second pair of socks from the book. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of my first pair.

All Things Heather in Valentine,
pattern is Uptown Boot Socks .

Sunday, July 22, 2007

sorry excitement took over me , i will be using Palette, 100% peruvian wool, color: sky from Knitpicks and my first pair of socks will be the "Retro Rib Socks" by Evelyn A. Clark.. happy knitting
hello everyone, got the book, yarn and needles and ready to start my ever first pair of socks.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Go With the Flow Socks in Dream in Color

I stuck to the pattern and used Dream in Color Smooshy yarn. The color is Strange Harvest. I think the colorway is variegated enough to be groovy but not too much so for the pattern. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Embossed Sock out if Focus

This is my very blurry first embossed leaves sock. The second is cast on, but currently on the backburner as I need to finish my sockapalooza socks. The yarn is Farn from Wollmeise.

Need help getting gauge

I'm new here, just got the book and am would like to knit every one of these gorgeous socks! Thought I would start with ther beautiful waving lace, but I can't get the gauge. Have tried it on#1 needles and on #0 needles and can't seem to get more than 7.25 per inch. I don't knit that loosely. The yarn I am using is Rowan Soft 4 ply (fingering weight) -- could it be the yarn?

Please give me suggestions.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Even More Green Embossed Leaves

Hello! This is my first post to the Favorite Socks KAL, I have not had the book for very long. There are so many great patterns I want to try.

Here are my addition to the many beautiful Embossed Leaves socks already posted here. They were knit from Lorna's Laces Sage.

Come visit my blog for more details and more socks!

If you can stand more Embossed Leaves socks...

...and green ones at that! :)

Hi everyone, I joined this KAL a while back, but it's been a slow knitting summer for me! I am halfway through the pair of Embossed Leaves, my first socks from this book.
I love this pattern, and I think this yarn, Merino Cashmere in the Forest Moss colorway from The Knittery, goes pretty well with it.

After these are done, I'm thinking of making the Retro Rib socks for my husband. They're going to be a surprise, so I need to choose something with some stretch to compensate for being unable to have him try them as I go!

My blog: Froggin' Knit Up


Yummy Yarn

The yarn fairies dropped this in my mailbox yesterday. It's Lorna's Lace Shepherd sock 'Newtown'. I cannot wait to start a pair of socks out of it for my Mom. I must finish the Waving Laces first though. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best possible pattern to make out of this delightful thread?


I'm working on the Eesti Trail Hiking Socks (page 97). What do they mean by a 'reinforcing thread'? I tried adding the two colors together but decided it was too bulky and that would bother me in a pair of hiking boots. I frogged what I had done and am making it without the reinforcement but would like to know for a future pattern.

Lovin' It!!

I just recently purchased this book, and cast on my first lace sock 3 days ago (I'm working on the Wave Lace Sock). All of the socks in this book are gorgeous, and I'm loving the way mine is working up. Can't wait to cast on the next pair ;-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To the Frog Pond

Mock Wave Cable Socks
I tried but I just wasn't happy with these. I knew I should switch to a smaller needle size because my Mock Wave Cable Socks were too loose. Yes, I should have checked the gauge but... Then the pattern just didn't excite me. I have a feeling they would have been on the needles for a very long time. So I made the big decision to rip them. Once I move, at the end of the month, I am going to cast on again, this time for the Waving Lace Socks.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

orange you glad!

I finished my first pair of socks from this book, and I'm totally in love. They are a bit loose, so I'm hoping that when I block them that I'll be able to get them a little more snug. I've never tried something like that with a sock before, so we'll see.... any suggestions would be appreciated.

Already on the needles and 3/4 the way done is the retro rib sock in a hand dyed superwash that I bought from etsy. The yarn is variegated and the pattern is a little tough to see, but I'm still liking how it's turning out. The name of the yarn was chocolate cherry, but it reminds me more of Neapolitan ice cream. Since I can't eat the stuff (milk is not my friend), at least I can wear it!

Anniversary Socks

I have to admit to not knitting these socks myself-- my mom made them. But she used my book and yarn that I dyed, so I do have some right to claim them. I think they turned out beautifully. They are the Anniversary socks and made from the yarn Tinsel Toes from my shop, The Painted Sheep in colorway Garden Tomato.

Merino Lace Socks

I've finally finished a pair of socks! This time it's the Merino Lace Socks.

They were a lot of fun to knit up. The pattern is very elegant. It's easy enough to memorize, and difficult enough to be interesting.

I did make one "change" from the pattern. In the Favorite Socks book, the purl stitches are not included on the foot lace chart. This is actually an error (the chart was different in the original magazine pattern), and I continued the purl stitches down the foot to continue the established look.

There are more pictures and details on my blog entry here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another New Participant Here........

I just signed up for this KAL and wanted to introduce myself. I love to knit socks any time, anywhere I can. They are so portable and fast.
This is definitely one of my favorite sock books. Already, I've finished Waving Laces, Go With the Flow, and two thirds of my first Retro Rib. I did eliminate part of the pattern for the Retro Rib because of the colors in my yarn masking the stitch's appearance. I recently got some solid sock yarns and plan to add Embossed Leaves to my collection.
Also, I already have yarn from LimeNViolet earmarked for Mieda. There are probably another ten patterns I will eventually make before I am finished with this book.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks

Hey fellow favorite sockers! I've finished my 5th pair of socks from this book:

Can you tell I love this book? If you'd like more info or see more pictures, you can always find it here. Thanks! Tiennie

Waving Lace 1/4 of the way

These are my Waving Lace Socks. I am so pleased with the way they are working out. The pattern is a dream to work. I have actually never made a pair of socks top to toe. I've only done the toe up method. This is just as easy so far. I am using KnitPicks Essential Solid in 'Grass'. My next pair of socks will be with Zen String I think. It just looks scrumptous.

more embossed leaves

hi, all! i'm new to the group, though i've been drooling over your finished socks for a while now.

here are my latest babies.

i used louet gems in the teal colorway. loooove the yarn, but wish i'd dropped down a needle size.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Waving Lace Finished

I finally finished my Waving Lace in Zen String Bambewe. If you get a chance to use this yarn, take it! It's great.

I made the ribbed top option, used Addi 0s and cast on 56 for a snugger fit. I guess I have narrow feet. This was a fun pattern to knit, although I use two circs and the division of stitches was sometimes a little tricky.


Anniversary Socks Question

Does anyone else think there is a mistake in the pattern as written? Specifically, in rows 5 and 9, it seems as though the LC2 should be K2 to continue the pattern of the cuffs which places a cross every 4 rows (which an LC2 in 3, 7, 11 would accomplish).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mock Wave Cable Socks

I started these on the second day of a week long conference. Thank goodness I brought the Favorite Socks books and two skeins of Stahl Sche Wolle Socka Colori to work with while listening to the breakout sessions of information on projects I've fortunately already spearheaded and completed at my home site. Good time to knit.

The Socka yarn is springy and comfortable to knit with. It's nicely forgiving in that the needles don't split the plies into spidery shards when yarned over to make one. I like the blue gray colorway. It would make good man sock yarn. It also makes good gal sock yarn. I chose the yarn from my Fiber Vault™, figuring I should work from the massive stash rather than purchasing more yarn for the project. I bought a 24 ball sock yarn assortment from Linda at the Socknitters list for $87 last year and two balls of this Socka yarn was in the mix.

I like that the Ann Budd pattern has child sizing since my foot is about a 5.5-6 and womens regular socks are way too large for my foot. I have taken to buying Crocs in the M3 4-5 children sizing for better comfort and realize it makes more sense for me to knit socks in the upper range of child size than to go with the regular womans sizing which runs towards an 8. I never did get the pattern down memorized and jotted a quick chart on the back of a hotel drink cozy. Very convenient to tuck in my bag with the project.

The socks took two weeks to knit up and fit wonderfully! I'll definitely knit these again.

Undulating Rib in Progress

I'm following the Yarn Harlot's lead and only doing the "undulating" part for a few inches. The yarn is Valley Yarns Franklin from WEBS.

This sock is my current "walk and knit" project, but on today's walk I had to stop knitting because the heat and high humidity made the yarn stick to my fingers. Can't wait for the weather to change!

Monday, July 9, 2007

off the back burner

Well, y'all are inspiring to say the least! I started the waving lace socks like umm oh say a few months ago, and it got put down not to be thought about since. Here's a picture of it, just sitting lonely on my shelf.

Well it won't be sitting any more! I'm totally re-fired up about the socks, and ladies look out they'll be done before I know it.

I can't remember what type of yarn it is, handpainted lovely orange by some talented so and so. I'm working on two size one circular needles. Guess that's it.

Oh, I must add that it's been my knitting-life-long-dream to knit all the patterns in a book, and I think that the Favorite Socks book is just the book to help me make that dream come true.

I'm thinking this will be a sox Christmas, and if folks don't like it....... well, they can stuff a hand knit sock in it!

embossed leaves

Everyone's doing such pretty work. I can't show a picture yet but I've just started the embossed leaves today and I'm proud of myself so far... I figured out the 1 x 1 cast on, which I hadn't done before, and am loving the ribbing. That's as far as I've gotten so far. I wasn't sure if a variegated yarn would suit the pattern but I've chosen sort of a muted Koigu in grays and pinks and blues and I think it's going to be okay. Not too busy, delicate enough for the pattern. Anyway, I'll post a picture when my computer's back from the shop. I hope that's soon.

Hi To Everyone. I just got invited to post to this blog. I love the Interweave Book Favorite Socks. I am currently working on my first pair. Embossed leaves. They look like autumn. The yarn I am using is by "The Dye Pot" Copper colorway. I love these socks and plan to make them again.
Mary A

Another newbie here....


Hi everyone...

Working on the 'Merino Lace Socks' by Anne Woodbury.

Using: Cherry Tree Hill yarn

Colour: Loden

Using DP's instead of circulars!

This pattern is beautiful...have already done the 'Embossed Leaves'.

Love the 'Favorite Socks' book!!!


New Here...

Hello - I just finished my 2nd pair of socks from Favorite Knits. I intend to knit many more of these beautiful socks so I figured it was time to join in.

My first pair was the Embossed Leaves knit with Koigu. Unfortunately the 2nd hank knit up quite a bit differently than the first, but I still love 'em. I will definitely make another pair of thise some day in solid color.

Next up was Waving Lace knit with Seacoast Handpainted Merino/Tencel in "Fresh Air"Knit on Picks 32" Size 0 circulars using the Magic Loop method.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this yarn (it's subtle colors and sheen) and the pattern (interesting but easy to memorize).

Now I just need to decide which pair will be next.

I have just begun my adventure in the Favorite Socks Book. Wow what a ride it's gonna be! The Waving Lace Socks caught my eye first. So I've cast on and worked about half the sock top in Knit Picks Essential Solid 'Grass'. The green sets off the pattern of the sock and I am pleased so far with the results. The pattern works really fast too. I am new to this KAL and honored to be a part of such a cool community of sock knitters. Pictures to come when I've at least completed one sock. I've ordered more needles so I can try the suggestion of knitting 2 at once. Preventing SSS is a must.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Embossed Leaves

Embossed Leaves 2
Pattern: Embossed Leaves
Yarn: Louet Gems fine/sport weight
Color: Robin
Needles: Knit Picks circulars 2.75 mm

I knit these socks as a going away present for my oldest son's Latin Tutor. I thought the color and pattern would remind her of fall in NH. I like this pattern so much that it may be the first pattern I ever repeat.

Embossed Leaves

More details on the blog


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Panda Cotton meets Meida's Socks

I received a copy of Favorite Socks as a graduation gift and I confess it's been difficult deciding what to knit first. I was able to narrow my options based on the yarn I wanted to use, Panda Cotton, which is a bit chubbier than most sock yarns. Like many of you, I love the style of Meida's socks. The pattern called for a sportweight yarn making it a perfect match for my Panda Cotton. I used the Periwinkle Colorway and 2.5mm dpns for my version. The only change I (inadvertently) made was to use a slip stitch heel instead of an Eye of Partridge heel. Let's just say that reading the fine print in a pattern after midnight is always risky :-) I much prefer the look of the Eye of Partridge heel, but not enough to frog back.

I was so pleased with these socks that I will most likely knit another pair in fall/winter colors. These socks were my 1st pair for the Summer of Socks 2007 KAL. As such, I have an excessive number of photos along with some silly traveling sock stories on my blog if you want to take a peek. (

I'm adapting the merino lace pattern for a pair of Tofutsies ankle socks. I wanted them to be short enough to wear with my Crocs. I cast on 60 st. and I'm basically using the 30 stitch heel pattern for both the heel and instep. (And no, that's not my hairy leg! See my blog for a photo of the bear who's doing the modeling!) Trish

Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Post!

I've finally cast-on my first Favorite Socks! I've chosen the Waving Lace socks with the scalloped edge, using Lorna's Laces Shepherds Sock in the "Gold Hill" colorway. I only made it through the first row before my 4th of July guest arrived, but I'll post pictures as soon as there is something substantial to share with you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Go With The Flow Socks

My socks are complete - what a fun knit! I love the way these came out, and I highly recommend this pattern.

Go With The Flow Socks, started June 2nd, 2007, finished July 3rd, 2007
Pattern: Interweave Knits
Yarn: Knitpicks Gloss - color Pumpkin
Needles: Size 1.5 - magic loop


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I made this pair of socks after I watched a knitting show on TV. When I went to my local yarn store the other day I ask if I can use the sock holders to make some pictures of my socks. People are very nice and generous in that store. The lace pattern over 10 stitches was fairly easy. However, this was the first time I knitted a toe up sock. In retrospective it wasn't that difficult to do after all. I am happy with the results and I like to share it with all of you.

The socks are in size 9, I've chosen a cobalt blue 70% Wool, 15% Silk 15 % Rayon yarn from the Italian designer "Danniella and 5 size 8 needles.

Go With The Flow Socks

These socks are great to knit and I'm on my way! I changed the pattern already too...shorter cuffs and it'll be an anklet sock instead of a calf sock - I just prefer my socks shorter! Also doing the cuffs/heels/toes in a coordinating colour! What fun!

More details on my blog - click here.

Monday, July 2, 2007

My first pair of socks

Yarn : Lion Brand Yarn *Magic Stripes

Needle : Aero size 3.25mm, set of 4

Pattern : Free pattern leaflet

My first post, and first attempt at waving lace

You'll have to forgive the pictures, I'm still getting used to my camera and the lighting in the house so there's one dark picture and one lighter one. I just finished the first in a pair of the waving lace socks, the only problem is it doesn't quite fit my foot, so it'll be a gift to one of my old co-workers.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm afraid I may be doing something wrong, my socks don't seem to be a pretty as everyone elses, but you know what they say, you're not doing it wrong if you like the results. And I love them just the same and I know the recipient will love them too.