Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've Joined!

It is wonderful to find a place to share my creative passion. Here is the beginning of my favorite sock, Padded Footlet, that will be a full sock, the instep lace pattern goes around the leg and will continue down the instep as designed. Oh, it is good to make changes and have them work out-very satisfying! I dyed the superwash and spun it-my first attempt at dyeing.


Knit*Six said...

Wow! Gorgeous colors, beautifully spun...I'm so impressed! Last night I was paging through my Favorite Socks book and thinking about making the padded footlet into a full sock. So it will be fun to see your progress. Are you including the "padding"? Can't wait to see more :-)

Helenmarie said...

Beautiful! The colors are exquisite. Hope you will give more information as you go,

Linda said...

Welcome...I just joined also.
I really like the colors - Yummy!