Monday, July 9, 2007

off the back burner

Well, y'all are inspiring to say the least! I started the waving lace socks like umm oh say a few months ago, and it got put down not to be thought about since. Here's a picture of it, just sitting lonely on my shelf.

Well it won't be sitting any more! I'm totally re-fired up about the socks, and ladies look out they'll be done before I know it.

I can't remember what type of yarn it is, handpainted lovely orange by some talented so and so. I'm working on two size one circular needles. Guess that's it.

Oh, I must add that it's been my knitting-life-long-dream to knit all the patterns in a book, and I think that the Favorite Socks book is just the book to help me make that dream come true.

I'm thinking this will be a sox Christmas, and if folks don't like it....... well, they can stuff a hand knit sock in it!


fran_e said...

Hey I think that is such a great idea - to be able to say you have knitted every pattern! I'll join you, umm when my book arrives :) I expected it today, but i guess it's going to be next week.

KnitMoka said...

Fran_e Woot! So glad to have someone join me in my quest to knit all the socks. Just cast on my retro ribs today!