Friday, July 27, 2007

Hello Sock Knitters

I just joined this KAL.

I am looking thru the book trying to decide which sock to cast on next. I will be using the yarn in the picture to match my husband's 56 Chev.

It is Cascade Fixation. I used it before knitting some baby socks. I like it, especially for summer since it is cotton. I found some wool in the right colors, but cotton seems better in warmer weather.

I am leaning towards doing the resoleable socks, coz I want to do the whole bottom of the sock the aqua color and the top white (like the car).

Check out my blog. I look forward to knitting along with all of you!


Kate M said...

Great picture!

JL said...

Hi, that's a nice picture.

Kristy said...

I think the resoleable socks is a really clever idea-- they will look just like the car!