Tuesday, July 17, 2007

orange you glad!

I finished my first pair of socks from this book, and I'm totally in love. They are a bit loose, so I'm hoping that when I block them that I'll be able to get them a little more snug. I've never tried something like that with a sock before, so we'll see.... any suggestions would be appreciated.

Already on the needles and 3/4 the way done is the retro rib sock in a hand dyed superwash that I bought from etsy. The yarn is variegated and the pattern is a little tough to see, but I'm still liking how it's turning out. The name of the yarn was chocolate cherry, but it reminds me more of Neapolitan ice cream. Since I can't eat the stuff (milk is not my friend), at least I can wear it!


Lynne said...

totally in love with the orange. and i hear you about the lactose intolerance. lactaid is my friend.
can't wait to see your next pair!

flutterbywind said...

I love your oranges! The chocolate covered cherry yarn looks good enough to eat too. Yummy!