Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mock Wave Cable Socks

I started these on the second day of a week long conference. Thank goodness I brought the Favorite Socks books and two skeins of Stahl Sche Wolle Socka Colori to work with while listening to the breakout sessions of information on projects I've fortunately already spearheaded and completed at my home site. Good time to knit.

The Socka yarn is springy and comfortable to knit with. It's nicely forgiving in that the needles don't split the plies into spidery shards when yarned over to make one. I like the blue gray colorway. It would make good man sock yarn. It also makes good gal sock yarn. I chose the yarn from my Fiber Vault™, figuring I should work from the massive stash rather than purchasing more yarn for the project. I bought a 24 ball sock yarn assortment from Linda at the Socknitters list for $87 last year and two balls of this Socka yarn was in the mix.

I like that the Ann Budd pattern has child sizing since my foot is about a 5.5-6 and womens regular socks are way too large for my foot. I have taken to buying Crocs in the M3 4-5 children sizing for better comfort and realize it makes more sense for me to knit socks in the upper range of child size than to go with the regular womans sizing which runs towards an 8. I never did get the pattern down memorized and jotted a quick chart on the back of a hotel drink cozy. Very convenient to tuck in my bag with the project.

The socks took two weeks to knit up and fit wonderfully! I'll definitely knit these again.


Karolee said...

Beautiful - I started working on the same pair during our family reunion. I accidentally cast on for a child's sock, though, so I think I'll frog them and make the adult version. It'll be too many years before my daughter will be able to wear them.

Jeremy said...

I am also making these socks and I wasn't happy with the pattern. I like it much better now that I have seen your picture of a finished pair. I certainly am not knitting as fast as you as I am moving (along with my four children) at the end of the month and packing has really cut into my knitting time.

flutterbywind said...

Where did you get this yarn? It is absolutely beautiful, but I can't seem to find it on the internet sold in English. Please help.

theShizzKnit said...

Thank you Karolee, I'll look for your sock posting as you work this pattern.
Jeremy, my heart goes out to you. Good Luck. I moved at the beginning of the year and still recovering from it.
Flutterbywind, I amended my post to include where I got the yarn from, which wasn't from a retailer but handknitting dot come does carry it.