Thursday, July 26, 2007

Empty Nest/Full Heart

Here is the progress I have made while on the road today as we helped move our youngest son out to share an apt with his older brother!
I am not padding the sole of the sock as the wool is 'padded' enough on its own! My 'sock weight spinning' is still not as thin as I will eventually achieve with practice but I have made several pairs of socks with my own handspun and I like the springiness of the superwash wool. I use size US2 (2.50mm) circular needles from KnitPicks . I cast on 58 stitches like the pattern instructs; 29 on each side of the magic loop method.
These socks are for my daughter, and since her feet are long and narrow, the ribbing on the sides of the lace panel will help the socks to hug her foot and not wrinkle and sag! ( The length will give me an excellent opportunity to continue this lovely repeat of lace! :')

I even remembered to note all the changes I made to the pattern so I can't wait to start on the second one since this one has been so fun to develop!


Ann said...

The colors are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

beautiful!!! very nice colors!