Saturday, July 7, 2007

Panda Cotton meets Meida's Socks

I received a copy of Favorite Socks as a graduation gift and I confess it's been difficult deciding what to knit first. I was able to narrow my options based on the yarn I wanted to use, Panda Cotton, which is a bit chubbier than most sock yarns. Like many of you, I love the style of Meida's socks. The pattern called for a sportweight yarn making it a perfect match for my Panda Cotton. I used the Periwinkle Colorway and 2.5mm dpns for my version. The only change I (inadvertently) made was to use a slip stitch heel instead of an Eye of Partridge heel. Let's just say that reading the fine print in a pattern after midnight is always risky :-) I much prefer the look of the Eye of Partridge heel, but not enough to frog back.

I was so pleased with these socks that I will most likely knit another pair in fall/winter colors. These socks were my 1st pair for the Summer of Socks 2007 KAL. As such, I have an excessive number of photos along with some silly traveling sock stories on my blog if you want to take a peek. (



tiennieknits said...

Very pretty! Great job!

Bonnie said...

I think your heel looks good. You were right not to frog back. Those are lovely socks!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! isnt this pattern a great knit? i loved making those for my mom!

blopeep said...

did you manage to get a pair out of two skeins?