Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Embossed Leaves Done!

Whoa, I finished my E. Leaves! I was knitting on fumes there at the end - I was, like, tying on different colored skeins of Jitterbug and everything, just steaming to get finished, thought I was running out...and then realized that at the end of the star toe (which I adore, BTW - don't y'all love that toe?) that instead of repeating row13 only I was repeating row13 and the even knit-only row. Whew! Yanked it out and reknit - and had 12" of yarn left. WOW!

I will post pics when I can, but they're on the blockers and all I can do is look at them and sigh in relief. Sure, they're a little large for Mom...but they're hand-knit. They'll adjust. Uh, right?

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