Friday, November 2, 2007

Four down, five to go

I hate it when Life (tm) gets in the way of my knitting!

Halfway done (I have the fifth pair of socks almost done--working the toe of the 2nd sock now):

In order.......

Embossed Leaves Socks in Lime & Violet, "The Old Magician" colorway

These were a really quick knit, and I'm developing one hell of an appreciation for the yarns that Miss Violet makes!

Numbah two from this past month--

Diagonal Cross-Rib Sock in Knit Picks Essential Solid, "Gulfstream" color

These were kinda quick--what I will say about them that when I made mistakes on this pattern, they were very easy to see and to fix.

Working on another pair of Anniversary Lace socks--for some reason, I've been a bonehead for the second sock, and must have ripped out parts of it at LEAST three or four times--finally working through the second toe--those pictures should be up soon!

Back to work!


flutterbywind said...

what do you mean by "quick knit"? 1week? 1day? just seeking motivation. thanks! :)

Nightcrawler0218 said...

One week--I do these at work during the day when we're slow--small enouugh to be out of the way when I need it to--I imagine if I had time off, it could have taken me maybe two days of the dog walking himself ;-)