Sunday, February 25, 2007


I just got my copy yesterday in the mail and I've found several patterns included that I love and are on the 'must-do' list.

I've got to finish up a pair of Madder Ribbeds and then I'm getting started!


Lizz said...

What are your favorites? Retro Ribs, Ilga's, Resoleables, Padded Footlets, Anniversary, and E. European. Haha... that almost names 'em all!

Marsha said...

Hey Lizz....well, the first ones I've pulled out to do are the Waving Lace, Uptown Boot, Mock Wave Cable and the Diagonal Cross-Rib. I've done the Embossed Leaves which is just a gorgeous pattern. These are just to start with, there are so many really great patterns in there that will HAVE TO BE DONE you know...:o)