Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally I Have Pictures

Here are some of my socks I knitted from Favorite Socks. I used handpainted yarns for some.

Mieda Socks in Lime & Violet "Walnut" colorway.

LnV Walnut Mieda sock

Meida socks

Waving Lace in Wildfoote "Columbine" colorway

Waving Lace socks

A modified version of Retro Rib in Diversified Patterns (a/k/a Jessicaarts on Ebay) handpainted in "Dusk" colorway

modified Retro Rib socks

Go With The Flow in Diversified Patterns (a/k/a jessicaarts on eBay) handpainted in "Berry"

Go With the Flow socks


webcrone said...

Would like to post a message but so far have been unsuccessful

Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

You've done beautiful work.