Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cable Rib and Go with the Flow

Hello, I've been looking at everyone's lovely socks here for a while and have finally got around to sharing the two projects I have completed from the book. My name is Karen by the way and I live in Scotland.

The Cable rib socks were a Christmas present for my Dad and he's really pleased with them (but he's always pleased with the socks I knit for him!).

The Go with the Flow socks are for me. I liked the pattern but I'm not keen on the colour. Details of the yarns used on my blog. I'm not sure which pattern to try next but at some point I plan to use some bright pink yarn I have for either Embossed Leaves or Waving Lace - decisions, decisions. Happy knitting!

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Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

Beautiful! And to live in Scotland...lucky gal. I'm sure hand knit socks come in very handy :)