Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Camouflaed Eesti Trail Socks

I took some time off from knitting socks to make a sweater. My son, who was anxiously waiting for me to make him a pair of wool socks, asked me in the last stages of the sweater "Am I going to get those socks this winter or next winter?" So, knowing he wanted them for Thursday's ski trip, I whipped these up in a week's time.

I followed the Eesti Trail Hiking Socks pattern and obviously omitted the snowflake pattern. Who needs pattern when you have cool camouflaged yarn?

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool - Merino.

The hat? Red Heart Camouflaged yarn made with one of those knitting hoop things by my son - he's pretty talented (I finished it up for him so he could wear it tomorrow).

He'll be the coolest boarder on the slopes -even if no one will really see the socks - at least I'll know his feet will be warm.

Happy Knitting!

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ala.mazury said...

The Cable rib socks look great. It was a very nice gitt :o)).