Sunday, January 27, 2008

Half of a Christmas gift

Anniversary Sock I made these for my sister for Christmas. I haven't even started the second sock, which I plan to start very soon.

Do you ever have projects where you think, “wow, I never thought I could knit something that beautiful”? This is one of those projects. It’s the Anniversary Socks by Nancy Bush from the Favorite Socks book. After finishing the first sock in about 9 days on size 1 needles, my hands needed a break. I now know why everyone raves about Nancy Bush sock patterns. They are amazing, she pays attention to every detail to make the socks perfect. The toe on this sock fits the rest of the sock so well and I’ve done this heel on other socks but it just fits this one so well.

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Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

I do hope you've finished the second sock. And, yes, I do indeed experience SSS now and again. The trick is to cast on #2 immediately after casting off #1. Even if you just accomplish a few rows of the ribbing it is always there waiting to be picked up, rather than waiting to be cast on. After a while of doing a row here and a row there, or a stitch or two whenever the whim strikes you'll have that second sock.

Good luck and fantastic job!