Friday, August 3, 2007

All Part of the Creativity

Sometimes you need to rip out. It is just a fact of knitting. How do we feel about this? It is annoying and a bit daunting to start, but it is necessary and it is good to get a clean slate..........why knit and ignore a problem (in this case-way too baggy to be attractive or comfortable!) when the solution is to re-do. This was the first sock of the Embossed Leaves sock, it is made with Sockatta yarn which is not very elastic because it is cotton and so it just made the bagginess more pronounced. I haven't any smaller needles so will cast on again with less stitches-I am reducing the P3 between patterns and using only P2 around-just a reduction of 4 stitches overall which equals about 5/8". We shall do try-ons many times on the next sock! (I have removed my rose colored glasses so I will not be dissuaded from a rip out before the end is reached this time!)


Linda said...

I applaud your courage to rip back. I hate to do it, but sometimes it is necessary - otherwise you can't wear them and why go to all that trouble even knitting them?
I am going to start putting a "lifeline" every couple of inches...especially before the heelflap.

Knittinggarden said...

I agree about the Sockotta - I made some socks with it and even though I reduced the number of stitches around, they still stretch out and get sloppy. It will be fun to see how your modifications work out.

bobbi said...

know the feeling. been there done that.
you did the right thing in doing so.