Monday, August 20, 2007

Mock Wave Cable Socks

This is the 1st pair of socks that I have knitted from the book. Love the pattern - it was an easy pattern to knit & it looks so nice. I knitted the socks toe-up (as it's my favorite way of knitting socks) and the heel & slip stitch gusset really finished up the socks so well. Thanks to Wendy for the instructions!

The yarn is Socks That Rock Sock Club Silkie, Walking On The Wild Tide which I managed to buy from a friend who is a member of the club. The yarn is gorgeous, so soft & nice to knit with but it's quite splitty & thank goodness that I am using the sharp pointed Pony Pearls dpns.

This pair of socks is knitted for my best friend's birthday next week. As she has the same size feet, I was able to try them on & they fitted perfectly - love the waves of the rib!



bobbi said...

very nice i still have my STR yarn and maybe you gave me an idea as to how to use it.
they look great!

Johnna said...

Those look great, maybe that'll be the next pattern I use.