Friday, August 3, 2007

Getting My Socky Act Together

Hello All!!

Th best laid plans of Mice and know the rest!
I join a knit-a-long, and then can't get the dopey socks started!! A case of yarn and pattern not getting along--but I finally found the right combination for...

Antique Lace Socks, in MYC Handpainted

I have 8 pairs of socks to make for Christmas Gifts--one down--seven to go!!



Knittinggarden said...

Beautiful - I have lots of variegated sock yarn and didn't know how the lacy patterns would look - yours looks great!

tiennieknits said...

Hooray on your 1st pair down!

Anonymous said...

beautiful colors! good job! i ve been working on those also...seeing your pair finished makes me want to pick mine up again!

Bethany said...

that is beautiful sock yarn and that pattern looks perfect for it!
Great job