Sunday, August 5, 2007

Finally Finished!!

I have finished my first pair of socks from the book! Yay! I love the way they turned out and they fit my feet perfectly. Can't wait to start the next pair


Anonymous said...

waving lace looks beautiful in this color! what yarn did you use?

Bonnie said...

I was wondering the same thing--what yarn is that? The color is lovely. Nice work!

Nightcrawler0218 said...


Someone's gettin' these for x-mas from me!

I had a hard time executing this pattern with the yarn that I used for Antique Lace--I think it was a little on the thin side. Now I want to do them again!

Beautiul! --and yeah, what yarn did you use?

Karolee said...


JL said...

I love your socks, in my favourite colour too.