Monday, May 7, 2007

Embossed Leaves

I thought I was one of the last people to knit this pattern but now I see others still knitting them. I was very happy to see this pattern included in the Favorite Socks book. The pattern is much easier than I originally thought and very enjoyable to knit. I used KP's US 1 circulars and Lang Jawoll fingering wt. yarn, also a first for me and a yarn I like very much.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. i love the color you used. the store where i bought the Jawoll yarn didnt have that shade. very nice knitting job!!

tiennieknits said...

Very pretty! I'm working on those next.

Bonnie said...

Very pretty!

You won't be the last person to knit those. They're definitely on my to-knit list.