Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Anniversary Socks" by Nancy Bush

I wanted to share this beginning stage photo of the "Anniversary Socks" by Nancy Bush. I don't think many folks have posted about this design. It is very enjoyable indeed! I did have to make a chart of the stitch pattern - as it was written out. Funny, a year ago, I would have preferred the written format. Now I am a total chart enthusiast!

I am using the seemingly popular "Louet Gems Pearl" yarn for these socks. It is a first for me. I certainly like the feel of the yarn, but question it's duability. Time will tell - I am sure.

So - I leave you with a word of encouragement... give these socks a try. I really like designs that have a different stitch pattern on the front vs the back. Nancy Bush seeems to have several of these to her credit. She is one of my favorite designers!!


Kristy said...

I'm with you-- I have to chart those written out directions now. Was it really less than a year ago that charts scared me? :)

The sock looks great so far. That's a pattern I've had my eye on.

Rosemary said...

I've knit these already. I think they're my favorite I've knit so far. I just charted up the pattern right quick and off I went!

Karolee said...

I love the charts also! They are so much easier to follow.