Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Started "Waving Lace" Sock tonight

I would like your opinion. The pattern says that it makes a finished size of 7" circumference. I'm assuming that is before it is stretched. I have a 9.25" circumference so even though I got gauge of 9 st/in on 2.5mm I thought I should go up a size or 2. I did the scallop edging using 3.25mm and it will be ok if they are a little big because I have enough yarn to make these pretty long (and I have good size calves). I guess what I need to know is how much to these stretch around the ball of the foot? Did anyone have to go down in gauge (i.e. up in needle size) to get them to fit a circumference about my size?
Thanks! And I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's socks!


Kristy said...

I wear a size 7 shoe, and these socks fit me perfectly as written. I'm not sure of my circumference measurements offhand, sorry!

Marsha said...

Mine fit me perfectly and I wear a size 8. I used Cherry Tree Hill and the pattern stretches nicely. The only alteration that I made was I did the 'cuff' and first complete repeat on size two then switched over to a size one with no problems. Good Luck!