Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hidden Passion

I finished weaving in the ends of the Hidden Passion socks yesterday. I cannot describe how much I adore these socks. The yarn is too scrumptious for words and the pattern is so much fun.

When I first posted my progress on these, someone commented that she really wanted to try them, but thought the construction might be a bit too much. Don't be intimidated by how differently these are knit from other socks. If you can pick up gusset stitches from a heel flap and do p2tog and s1 k1 psso, you can complete these socks. The top of the foot is knit with a chain selvedge like a heel flap. Then a short row toe is completed. Next you knit the sole flat and connect to the top of the foot by picking up the chain selvedge stitches and either k2tog or s1 k1 psso.

I have cast on the Elegant Rib socks and will post progress on those once I have enough on the needles to make a post worthwhile.



jennhx said...

Those look fabulous!! Awesome job!! Thanks for the info on the construction too, I hadn't looked at the pattern very closely but it did seem different.

You used the yarn they called for in the pattern?


tiennieknits said...

Very cute!

...Big Knitter & Little Knitter? said...

Ooh, Delana, these are quite delicious, especially the bright pink color! What yarn did you use?

Also, did you have to kitchener under the heel? (I guess I could check the book to know that, huh? Scratch that question...)

Thanks for posting & giving me just one more pair of socks to add to my ever-growing wanna-have list. Trish

Kathy said...


I think I may have been the one that originally wrote that I was intimidated. (If it was not me - it speaks of my thoughts). Thanks for the encouragement. It does sound "doable" and very unique. The end product is totally cool! Great job - thanks for sharing!