Sunday, April 1, 2007

Waving Lace Sock FO

I've been off doing a bit of lace knitting on the VLT KAL. With that project finished I picked up my WLS again as we headed out the door for vacation. As my husband drove, I managed to finish it the socks.

Waving Lace Sock
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill
Color: Cherry
Needles: size 1 & 2
Variation: I started out on the size 2 needle for the Scalloped Edging and the first repeat of the lace pattern, then I switched to size 1 for the rest of the sock. Also, I didn't do the 'tbl' as indicated, I did the straight knit.

I love these socks, and the CTH yarn that I hadn't used before. I think these have become my new 'favorite' socks. I've got several more sock patterns picked out to do. Right now I'm on another bit of lace but will have to CO another sock soon. Anyone else feel there just isn't enough time in your day too?


Kristy said...

The socks look great! I love this pattern.

tiennieknits said...

Love this pattern! Great job!