Thursday, June 21, 2007

Padded Footlets

Finally finished a sock-- I have so many on the needles right now. This is just the first of the pair but it took a while to get comfortable with the pattern so I think the second one will go much faster. I am not sure that I will use this pattern again-- it seems like a lot of work for what doesn't seem to be that great a benefit (a double stranded sole). If I really wanted a thicker sole I think I might use the re-soleable pattern and just hold 2 strands together (or a thicker yarn) for the sole. But overall I'm happy with how the sock turned out. I love how sporty it looks w/o a leg. and the lace pattern is very nice-- simple but pretty. The yarn is Footprints from The Painted Sheep (my handpainted yarn company) in the color "Beach Sunrise"

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