Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Went With the Flow

My first post here... and my first pair of socks done from the book.

I finished the Go With The Flow socks yesterday, and I just loved the pattern. So easy to memorize.

Go With the Flow Socks

Yarn: Aunt Maude's Mauve from Three Waters Farm
Needles: Size 2

The yarn is super nice - first time I ever used this kind. Socks came out nice and stretchy and are so comfortable.

Looking forward to more patterns from this book!



amanda j said...

I am knitting these too, and I was a bit worried about the variegated yarn I was using. Now I have seen yours I have taken heart. They look fabulous! Which socks are next for you?

tiennieknits said...

And flow you did! Beautiful job. Love the colors!

Bonnie said...

Wow! They're beautiful, and they look so comfy.

Adelle said...

Thanks for the comments!! Not sure what I am doing next...