Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Waving Lace Started

Hi, I'm Vera. My blog is Vera's Crafty Blog. I knew I had to have Favorite Socks as soon as I saw in on the IK website.

I started my Waving Lace sock a few days ago, and I'm finished with the cuff.

I'm using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. It's a depature for me since this is the first time I'm using CTH, and I've made only one sock in a solid color previously. Also, I don't think I have any green socks at all.

It's a nice, relaxing pattern that's fun to knit, and it works up fast.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I am casting on "Uptown Boot Socks" tonight and using a green yarn also. "Waving Lace" is a beautiful pattern and one I will knit very soon. Thanks for posting your progress photo.

tiennieknits said...

Pretty green! Love this pattern.