Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sock Knithusiat Newbie

Hello Fellow Sock Lovers
I am a knitter who has just fallen in love with knitting socks - since I found Cat Bordhi - Socks Soar on Two needles. I would always get second sock syndrome and never finish the second sock. My very first sock book was Socks a special issue from SpinOff. I had to buy a second copy because I would leaf through it so often. I have a lot of one sock orphans. Or 1 and 1/2 unfinished pairs.
I drooled over the entralac socks -wore out my first pair -and always wanted to knit the lacy"girly socks" wasn't great with lace. However, I did finished the "spiral rib socks" and wore them out too. But alas in 1996 went back to college and put spinning and knitting on the back burner. Fast forward ---knitting is back and my life and socks make me squee!!! (to quote miss violet). Here are some pics of old favorites and the Roza Socks from Grumperina in the spring issue of InterweaveKnits.

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Rosemary said...

Wow, those look excellent!