Sunday, March 11, 2007

One down..

and one to go. And I even managed to get you a good look at the color too. I headed outside early this morning and got that early morning light.

I know I've said this before, but I do LOVE this sock. It's great fun to knit and comes out beautifully. The only variation on the pattern that I made is by CO on a size 2 needle. I knittied the scalloped edge and the first total repeat of the pattern before I changed over to the size 1 needle. This minor change helps with a better fit to my calf area and it also made it a tad bit longer in the leg area before I started the heel. It's still the same amount of repeats as in the pattern.This is my first time using the Cherry Tree Hill and I really like the yarn. (Although, my favorite is still Lorna's Lace.) I had no problems with splitting or anything else. Great yarn! Now all I have to do is CO for the second sock.


tiennieknits said...

Very pretty sock and color! It's good that you said the CTH yarn was nice. I'm using that too but having alot of problems with splitting and uneven yarn. Maybe I just got a bad skein so I will give it another try with your endorsement!

Marsha said...

I wouldn't give up on it just yet. I had one small area that was a bit uneven, probably less than a inch or so. Other than that I found the yarn quite lovely.